New Business Puja

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( We Do not ask for any payment information (Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Account etc) until Puja is completed at your Home / Office. )

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God / Goddess / Legend

  • Lord Ganesha

Specific Date / Occasion

  • Any auspicious day.


  • This puja is mainly done when any workplace or business is started off for the first time.
  • This pooja is done to remove the “Dhristi-Dosham”. By performing this pooja we can collect the positive energy around us. This pooja guarantees a successful environment and upliftment in any project or business started.

Process / Procedure

  • For any new opening the first preference is given to Lord Vigneshwara as he is regarded as the one who removes obstacles. Even Goddess Lakshmi or Nava Graha pooja is performed to remove the adverse effect to be faced in the business. We can do small poojas to big homams or havans during the ceremony. It should be done under the strong guidance of a well-versed priest.
  • Kalasha with water mango leaves and coconut on the top is placed. Kumkum , Candan, is applied on the kalasha and a flower garland is offered. In the end perform aarti and offer Prasad {sugar or jiggery}. One should not get up from the puja in between. This is the important thing to remember. The kalasha in puja represents laxmi and kuber while turmeric powder is the form of Ganesha.


  • 2-3 Hours (Includes time for both preparation for Puja and actual Puja.)

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