Ganapathi Homam

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God / Goddess / Legend

  • Lord Ganesha

Specific Date / Occasion

  • It is especially performed during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • Although Ganapathi Homam can be performed on all auspicious occasions, the days of Sankatahara Chaturthi of every month and Vinayaka Chaturthi are considered very auspicious.
  • In terms of timing, Ganapathy Homam is generally performed early in the morning, before sunrise and the Poornahuti (the last offering signifying the end of the Homam) should be performed at sunrise.


  • Lord Ganesha is known as the 'Remover of Obstacles'. His blessings are sought to prosper in all fields of life.
  • There are many Ganapathi Homam benefits. This Homam, in particular, is conducted in order to gain contentment, affluence, and good health. It is known to remove obstacles that come in the path of undertaking new ventures and prosper in business.
  • There are different types of Ganapathi Homam: Mahaganapathi Homam, Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam, Sahasra Modaka Ganapathi Homam and Vallabha Ganapathy Homam.
  • Obstacles related to mind and body will be removed.
  • It removes obstructions that come in the path of material success and improves financial stability.
  • It leads to good family bonding and successful educational and marriage life.
  • It removes the some of the negative effects created by Doshas

Process / Procedure

  • Prepare the place for a Puja.
  • Light the diya and chant the mantra.
  • This is followed by the Vighneswara Pooja, where you request the Lord to remove all the obstacles in your life.
  • This is followed by doing Pranayama and chanting the Gayatri mantra.
  • In the Sankalpam phase you share the purpose of doing the Homam along with other rituals.
  • The Kalsa Shuddhi procedure is followed by the Agni Pratishthaapana.
  • Then all the guardians of the four directions are worshipped in the Dipkala Puja.
  • Offerings are made while the mantras are chanted.
  • Chant the Ganapati mantra while lighting the incense stick.
  • Follow this with the Shodasopachaara Puja.
  • Chant the moola mantra while you offer ghee.
  • You have to then offer sacrifice to the demigods in the form of rice and banana in Suddhaanna Bali.


  • 2-3 Hours (Includes time for both preparation for Puja and actual Puja.)

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