Car Puja

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God / Goddess / Legend

  • Ganpati

Specific Date / Occasion


  • After buying new car.
  • Also during festivals like Navratri, Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya, Gudi Padwa, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Bhai-Dooj; as these occasions are considered to be a good time to buy a car.



  • To bless a new car in the Lord's name and keep it safe from bad influences/accidents.

Process / Procedure


  • Get ready for the puja like any other puja with bath and clean clothes. Call pujari and make sure all puja mateirals are ready.
  • The first thing is that pujari gives 'holy water' into your right hand and wash your hands for the puja. This is repeated three times.
  • The pujari (priest) draws a swastika (auspicious Hindu symbol) with the third finger of right hand (an auspicious finger, once someone told me a woman should apply kumkum on the forehead with this finger). This is drawn on the car with turmeric powder mixed with water. It does not stain the car. It can also be drawn with sandalwood paste.
  • After the swastika is drawn, you are again rice, for three repetitions, to bless the swastika by sprinking rice on it. For each sprinkle, you are given mantras to recite.
  • Pujari lit incense sticks and takes these and circles them around the swastika three times in a clockwise direction, then takes them inside the car around the steering wheel three times in a clockwise direction, reciting mantras.
  • The pujari installed a small Ganesha idol near the steering wheel. This is actually not a normal step (The person who wants the puja done needs to provide this).
  • Coconut breaking — In this step, the person who owns the car will break the coconut near the right front tire and sprinkle the coconut water on the tire. The coconut is kept as 'prasadam' (holy food offering given to God during pujas) and eaten later.
  • Breaking Lemons and driving three times — You have to purchase four lemons, the pujari put one under each tire. Then, you get into the car and drive it. This is to get rid the vehicle of any bad influences. Some people drive around three times, and in some temples, the driver will drive around the temple itself.



  • 1-2 Hours (Includes time for both preparation for Puja and actual Puja.)

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