Bhoomi Puja

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God / Goddess / Legend

  • God Earth. Also known as “Dharti Mata”

Specific Date / Occasion


  • The month of shravan, kartik, margshirsh and paush of Hindu calendar are the most suitable time for the pujan of land. It is necessary to worship the land before construction work starts.
  • One should avoid the Sunday, Saturday, and Tuesday while Monday and Thursday proves to be the best day for puja.
  • One should also avoid the adhik maas, the zero month, lunar month and sunset.
  • The favorable bhoomi pujan should not fall on the Hadpaksha, divaskarma, mourning period, shraadh paksh.



  • This puja helps in taking god’s blessings to ensure the safety and well being of the people who are going to acquire the land. In this ceremony we are asking the forgiveness of mother earth for the violence that is about to be done to her on our instigation for the building of the house.
  • We are also requesting the forgiveness for disturbing the habitat of innumerable creatures living on the land. We are also requesting all the disembodied spirits, hungry ghosts and others to leave the site and allow us to build the house and live in peace.

Process / Procedure


  • For bhoomi puja a 64 part diagram is drawn in the north east part of the site, denoting vaastu purush using the seeds and colored powder. Each part is associated with the concern deities and chants and offerings are made to all of them.
  • A pit is dug nearby it and the first brick is laid down. An effigy of vaastu purush made of straw is burnt to kill the negative energy and evil spirits. The whole ceremony is to be done in morning as it is the most auspicious time for bhoomi pujan.
  • Bhumi Puja Vidhi (Bhumi Pooja Vidhi) can be structured differently to suit the qualities of the land and the intended construction. If a group of residential flats is the aim then additional mantras on Lakshmi-Kubera can be chanted to increase the sales of Individual flats.
  • If a manufacturing/factory is underway then adding a Vishwakarma Puja (Vishwakarma is the architect/manufacturer of the world) as well would be proper. Thus Bhumi Puja Vidhi may be altered to make the fruits of the Puja more useful for the Individual concerned. If there be any legal issues/disputes regarding the land then Sudarshana Puja or Kalabhairava Puja will be useful; If the enemy is equally/more potent/strong then we would need the power of Bagalamukhi Brahmastra. But Bagalamukhi Puja wouldn’t qualify as just an addition, as it is the most effective Puja to annihilate enemies and also win Legal disputes. It has to be treated separately and performed with highly specific and very different requirements.
  • This Bhumi Puja is generally followed by “Shila Nyasa” Puja. This Puja is for Laying of the foundation stones. Once the builder has excavated the land and has placed the markers for laying the slab, we can then perform this ceremony. It consists of sanctifying 5 bricks and placing them in the corners and center of the foundation. During this ceremony we also lay the five metals (pancha-loha) and also the nava-ratna. After this the slab is laid and construction commences. (Time approx 2 hours).



  • 4-5 Hours (Includes time for both preparation for Puja and actual Puja.)

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