How to Handle request for Shrad Puja ?

Customers asking for Shrad Puja have gone through some major tragedy very recently of losing a dear one. So be very soft and nice and empathetic towards them while talking.

Ask them to select "Custom Puja" from our website and place the order for Shradh Puja.

What Expectations to Set to Customers ?

MakeMyPuja only takes the responsibility to arrange Pujari with Puja materials for Shradh puja. If Puja is for one day and only for 2-3 hours then the standard price of 5,100/- is applicable. If pujari is required for multiple days, then take all the details and then check with Suresh on price to charge. Customer need to confirm that for how many hours, days, months they need the Pujari.

What Expectations to Set to Pujaris ?

If Pujari agrees to do the Puja for each month, we need to remind and followup the Pujari two days before puja.



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