Puja Faq

What is included in the price MakeMyPuja charges ?

The price of Puja charged by MakeMyPuja include the cost of Pujari(for performing Puja) and all Puja Materials. Effectively you won't have to worry about any cost. You only need to buy fruits and sweets for distribution to all the puja attendees as Puja prasad. Rest all is taken care of by MakeMyPuja.

How do I pay for the Puja Service ?

You pay only after the puja service is completed at your home / office. After Puja is completed you can do online transfer of puja fee to our Bank Account. Details of our company bank account will be sent to you after the puja. Please make sure you mention your Puja Order ID in the bank transfer note.

DO NOT Pay for the Puja by Cash

(We do not accept Credit/Debit card OR Cheque for payment as of now. These services will be started soon.)

What if I am unhappy with Puja service provided by the Pujari ?

Very simple. After puja, write an email to "contact@makemypuja.com" with details on why you are not very happy with the puja service and we will mark the puja FREE. No need to make any payment for the puja done. We would like to charge our customers ONLY when they are fully satisfied with our service.

How to decide on Puja Date ? Can I change it later ?

Sometimes you are not sure what is the good date for puja and need some guidance from a pujari. In such cases, place the order online with any approximate date for puja. After placing the order, call us and we will schedule a call between you and Pujari. Based on your convenience and auspicious day we will finalize the new puja date. In short, yes we do allow to change the puja date after order is placed.

Can I speak to a pujari before placing order on website ?

You can call us and speak to our MakeMyPuja representative before placing the order online. Our representatives would help you on how to place order and how puja is done in general. But, if you need to speak to our pujari and have a conversation(like to discuss puja date, special request etc.), you need to place the order online. Once order is placed, one of our pujari will have discussion with you. As mentioned earlier, payment is not done when placing the order. Hence you can place the order without any worry.

How do I customize the Puja ?

Most of the times you do not need any puja customization. But sometimes you might want to customize the puja. Like

1) Small(30 minute) puja of another God/Goddess along with main puja.

2) Need two Pujari instead of one.

3) Longer duration Puja. Two hour longer.

4) Start Puja in odd hours like between 10 PM and 6:00 AM.

Each of these will cost additional amount. To order any of these,select the customization from drop down box named "Puja Customization" and price of the puja will change accordingly.

Sometime you don't need customization, but very small instruction for Puja or Pujari. That can be done on next page after clicking the button "Select This Puja".

What items need to be arranged by the customer for Puja ?

Customer will be required to arrange ONLY Fruits and Sweets for prasad. Our Pujari will arrange all other Puja related items.

How many days in advance I have to put the request for the Puja Service ?

At least 3 days, but preferred 7 days.

Can I place the order over phone instead of website ?

Yes. But it is more convenient to place the order over our website. If you need help in placing the order in our website, our MMP representative is always at your service.

Is the price negotiable ?

We value for your money you spend, but we won’t be able to change the price.

What if the Pujari/priest does not reach the puja place in time ?

Due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic OR other issues, it is possible that Pujari will reach late. In such case we will inform you about the delay as soon as we come to know.

What if the Pujari/priest does not reach the puja place at all. Do you provide backup ?

Our pujari’s are not randomly picked from market. We interview them and then select them. We also try our best not to let that happen by engaging with Pujari/Priest in real time. In worst case we do have backup Pujari if needed.

Can I give additional tip to Pujari ?

No. We strongly recommend on NOT doing that. Pujari fee is included in the Puja Service cost we charged from our customer.

Can I bring my additional Puja material for Puja ?

You are FREE to do that, but we recommend that you speak to Pujari few days before Puja and confirm if that material you want is already brought by Pujari or not.

Can I get a list of Puja materials being brought by Pujari ?

We do not have such list. It varies from puja to puja and also depends on the style of puja. But if you want to confirm about a particular puja material item, you can ask the pujari few days before puja.

Could I request ONLY Pujari without Puja Materials ?

Sure we can offer it, but the price remains same.



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