Why is Lord Hanuman Worshipped on Saturday with Betel Leaf and Oil

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Hinduism is a religion where multiple Gods and Goddesses are worshipped by devotees in a number of ways on different dates and ‘Tithies’. Lord Hanuman is one deity that is worshipped popularly by the Hindus by a mass following all across the country. It is believed that one can be blessed with a pious life and can be relived from troubles if one worships Lord Hanuman with complete devotion. Hanuman can be worshipped every day of the week, but Saturday holds a special significance. Hindus also believe that Lord Shani is worshipped on Saturday too. So, what is this special relationship between Lord Hanuman and Lord Shani?

Why is Lord Hanuman worshipped on Saturdays?

It is believed that once Ravana had captured Lord Shani in his Lanka. It was Lord Hanuman who had rescued him from there. Out of sincere gratitude, Lord Shani told Lord Hanuman that he would never affect him or his progeny ever. Since then, people worship Lord Hanumna on Saturdays believing that doing so will keep them away from Shani Dosh ruling their lives.

As per another story, it is believed that Lord Shani rules from the head of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman once taught Lord Shani the lesson of modesty and united him with his father – the Sun God – who otherwise was not on good terms with him. Feeling obliged, Lord Shani promised Hanuman that all his devotees would remain unaffected from Shani Dosh if they worship Hanuman on Saturdays.

Why is Lord Hanuman worshipped with betel leaves and oil?

During the war of Lord Rama and Ravana, when Ravana was trying to defeat Lord Rama, and Hanuman was carrying Lord Rama on his back, Ravana started attacking Hanuman. Hanuman did not let him or the Lord be killed, but he got lots of hurt and wounds from the war. It is believed that Lord Rama himself applied oil on the wounds of Hanuman to relieve him of pain. Since, then this tradition of applying oil in Lord Hanuman’s temples has been followed.

It is also believed that Sita Mata spotted Hanuman in a betel leaf garden after the defeat of Ravana in the war. When Hanuman bowed down to touch Sita Mata’s feet to seek her blessings, she showered some betel leaves in Hanuman to bless him. This is one story that has Lord Hanuman being offered betel leaves since then. Another story depicts that when Hanuman conveyed the message of Lord Rama’s coming to Lanka for Sita Mata’s rescue, she garlanded Hanuman with betel leaves as a token of joy and appreciation. This is another reason why Lord Hanuman is offered betel leaves.

Whatever the reason, you must also worship Lord Hanuman every Saturday and offer him oil and betel leaves to relieve your life of pain and achieve his blessings for a pious life ahead.

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