Why Do We Worship The Sun God On Sundays?

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In Hindu mythology, the Sun is considered as one of the most important deities of the Vedas and the soul of the Universe. It is not only the Sun for the Hindus; they depict him as the Sun God or Lord Surya. It is believed that the brightness of the Sun provides knowledge, vision, direction, and power to work. As per ancient Hindu scriptures, worshipping Lord Surya leads to many miraculous benefits. Different people worship the Sun in different ways to receive different kinds of benefits.

People in the agricultural community

Those related with agricultural communities place him amongst the highest of the Hindu Gods and worship him for granting them with the blessings of ripening the crops. They believe the Sun God to have the ability to control the seasons with his light and warmth, and grant ripening to the crops.

Offering water to Sun God every morning

Some people worship the Sun God every morning by offering him water from a round copper water pot and chanting Surya mantras. It is believed that by doing so, the body is empowered and gets free of any kinds of physical illnesses. This ritual is also believed to bring in the light of the Sun within our lives, thus improving upon our career and profession too.

Worshipping Sun God on Sundays

There are others who worship Lord Surya majorly on Sundays as this is the day that has been reserved to exclusively worship the Sun God. There are a variety of reasons why he is worshipped on this particular day of the week.

Worshipping Lord Surya on Sundays can help improve any kind of horoscope defects and soothe the disturbed and destructive planets. The Sun is the centre of all planets that rule the horoscope of a person. Every planet has a distinct characteristic that can be controlled by the Sun. Therefore, any kind of defects can be minimized by worshipping him. There are many other Pujas that can be performed to get rid of evil effects of planets in one’s horoscope like Mangal Dosh Nivaran, Rahu-Ketu Shanti Puja, etc. that can be performed with the help of professional and experienced Pandits, like those at MakeMyPuja.

As per the Sarva Purana, there is a story that depicts the significance of worshipping Lord Surya on Sundays. It is believed that Indradev asked Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to install a statue of Eshwara. Lord Shiva advised him to place the statue of Lord Surya instead, as he is the representation of the Trinity – Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh. Since then, the statue of Lord Surya is placed as the Kshetra Paalak or Guardian of the Heavens. Therefore, the Sun God is worshipped on Sundays as a mark of compassion and devotion to the Trinity to seek blessings for the entire week ahead. Worshipping Lord Surya is considered to be equivalent to worshipping different deities together.

On 14th of January every year, the Sun is believed to change its position from Dakshinayana to Uttarayana. This day is thus marked as the most important day for worshipping Lord Surya by people across the nation. If you want to impress Sun God to bless you with strength and positivity in your horoscope, you can also begin worshipping him from this pious and auspicious day.

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