What Is The Significance Of Ekadashi Fast

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In Sanskrit, the word ‘Ekadashi’ refers to the number 11. This is why the 11th day of every month in the Hindu calendar is referred to as Ekadashi. Because the Hindu months are split into Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha, meaning the bright fortnight and dark fortnight respectively, Ekadashi falls twice in every Hindu month. This makes one Hindu year having 24 Ekadashis in all. These Ekadashis are of utmost importance for the Hindus, especially those who believe in and worship Lord Vishnu. They consider this day as auspicious and observe fast.

Why do people observe fast on Ekadashi?

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu had created a demon known as ‘Paap Purush’ when the world was being manifested, to personify all types of sins. He was created to punish all those who would avert from the path of virtue and justice to the path of evil and sin. Lord Vishnu also created the Yamlok where all those who sinned would spend their after-life in, and apologize. Along with this, the Lord also created Ekadashi as a path to salvation. He announced that those who would perform the Ekadashi fast would be cleansed of their sins and attain moksha.

What is the scientific benefit of the Ekadashi fast?

For those who are always looking for scientific reasons to do everything, here is some good news. The Ekadashi fast also has scientific benefits for the body. It is believed that the nutrition from our food takes about 3 to 4 days to be absorbed by the body completely. Taking into account the gravitational force of the moon and the constant change in its orbital path, it has been proved that by eating light on Ekadashi, its effect lasts till new moon or full moon day, when the pressure due to orbital changes of the moon is at its peak. Therefore, fasting on Ekadashi also safeguards our body.

How to perform the Ekadashi fast?

Just like in any other fast, food, grains, and cereals are avoided in the Ekadashi fast too. However, while some people consume food only once a day, there are others who avoid food altogether. Few devotees also observe Nirjala Fast that includes avoiding food and water completely. Devotees wholeheartedly pray to Lord Vishnu on this day to seek blessings and get rid of past sins.

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