What Is The Importance Of The Shravan Month?

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Do you know a Hindu who doesn’t know about the holy Shravan month? Certainly not! Every Hindu in the country knows that this month is the purest and holiest of all, when many types of pujas are performed within homes, offices and temples. However, many do not know why this month is so important. We all visit the temple of Lord Shiva every morning during this month to bathe him with holy water and milk but, why do we do so? Is it only because this is the ritual that has been followed since ages? If this is the only reason you do so, then you must pause for a while! Before performing any ritual, it is important that you understand the reason behind it and only then execute the procedures with full faith. For all those who don’t know why you are actually supposed to pray to Lord Shiva during this month, here we are to help you understand.

Why is Lord Shiva worshipped during the Shravan month?
It is believed that when the Samudra Manthan took place, all the Gods and Goddesses came together to churn the deep oceans in order to extract the nectar of immortality. They used the Mandar Parbat as their churning rod and the great snake Vasuki as their churning rope. However, in this elaborate process of churning, Vasuki emitted fumes of poison known as Halahala, which was so poisonous that it could destroy the entire creation. This is when the Gods approached Lord Shiva for protection. In order to save the creation from destruction, Lord Shiva consumed the poison and held it in his neck. This is how his throat turned blue and he got named as ’Neelkantha’. The prayers and offerings given to Lord Shiva in the Shravan month is therefore a way to show respect and pay reverence to him.

Which pujas can be performed during the Shravan month?
Because the entire Shravan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva, all kinds of pujas that please him can be performed during this month. These include Rudrabhishek Puja, Laghu Rudra Puja, Shiv Puja, Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap, and Mangala Gauri Puja. All these pujas when performed during this auspicious month can help turn all kinds of negativity into positive forces. You can get rid of all the negative effects of doshas in your kundli and any kind of financial constraints. You can cleanse your mind and soul through these Shiv pujas and infuse a sense of harmony into your life. These pujas will also help you advance in your educational life and career path.

How can the Shravan month help you better your relationships?
You can perform Gauri-Shankar Puja during this holy month if you are looking for harmonious relationships within your family. This puja can help prevent unnecessary fights and arguments; it can protect relationships from anger, greed, lust and selfishness; it can help regain positivity in broken relationships; and it can also bring back your lost love. Girls can perform Gauri-Shankar Puja before marriage in order to have a good husband. The Shravan month begins from 2nd August this year. Book a Puja right away with MakeMyPuja so that you can perform this auspicious puja in the holy month and gain benefits at the earliest!

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