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Are you looking for an experienced and credible Pujari for getting an important puja performed in your home or office? You definitely don’t want any kind of carelessness in the rituals performed, which could lead to any kind of risk in the future. Lay back and stay relaxed! MakeMyPuja gets you experienced Pujaris who are dedicated towards following the Vedic guidelines for any kind of puja you want to perform in Bangalore. For a better insight into our services & any queries regarding hiring Pujaris online with us, read on and have all your questions answered.

How can you book with us?

You are required to book with us atleast 3 days in advance. However, it would be appreciated if you can book 7 days prior to your event. You have the option of hiring through our website or through call – the choice is yours. But, placing an order over our website would be more convenient. You can receive help in placing the order on our website through our MakeMyPuja representatives who are always at your service.

How do we charge?

Price is one of the main concerns regarding any puja because Pujaris today charge very high amount of fees. Especially during peak seasons, when they are very busy and have lots of people coming to sign up with them for performing their pujas, they start charging high amounts. But, the Pujaris at MakeMyPuja are more dedicated towards performing the rituals in the right way rather than trying to get more money out of you.

The prices we charge from you include the cost of the Pujari and the materials required for the puja. Our prices are very affordable and thus, we do not negotiate in any way even though we value for the money you spend. The good news is that you have to pay the price only after the puja is completed. You may either transfer the amount to our bank account or pay the amount in cash to our MakeMyPuja representative who can come to collect it at your home or office. Even though you are highly satisfied with our services, you are advised only to pay the amount we ask from you. You are recommended not to pay any additional tip to our Pujaris.

Can you purchase the puja materials?

With MakeMyPuja, you are required to arrange only for fruits and sweets for the prasad. All other puja related materials are arranged by us. However, if you wish to purchase the items on your own, you are free to do so but, there will be no deduction in our price. We do not have any particular puja material list. So, if you want to purchase the materials, you may speak to our Pujari a few days before the puja is to take place.

Can you customize a puja?

If you wish to customize a puja as per your preferences, you will be charged an additional amount. For example, if you want an additional small puja along with your main puja, or need an extra Pujari, or you want to start your puja in odd hours, you can select the customization from the the drop down box named “Puja Customization” on our website and follow the steps.

In case of odd circumstances…

Although rare, but there may arise some unforeseen situations. Let’s say for example, if the Pujari would be reaching late, we will inform you about the delay as soon as we come to know of it. If in case the Pujari does not turn up for the puja (which is almost impossible), we do have a backup Pujari at all times. After the puja is done, you will be required to fill up an online feedback form. If your feedback is not satisfactory, we will refund 25% of your amount paid, and will make sure to use your feedback to improve our services.

So don’t think twice about getting a Puja done, MakeMyPuja.com is here for a super easy way to arrange a Puja, from the comfort of your seat and a few button clicks.


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