What Do The Different Body Parts Of Lord Ganesha Depict

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Lord Ganesha, one of the most loved and worshipped Gods in Hinduism, is considered to be the God of wisdom, good luck, prosperity and new beginnings. MakeMyPuja Pujaris are well-versed with helping you perform the most appropriate Ganpati Puja that fulfills all the rituals without any compromise for any and every new beginning in your life.

Lord Ganesha touches the hearts of millions of Indians across the globe. He is the most adorable elephant-headed and pot-bellied God who is known to be the remover of obstacles. With this very unique combination of a human body with an elephant head, every part of his body has something to teach us. Oh yes, there are numerous things that you can learn from this powerful and wise Lord!

The elephant head

His head is a symbol of intelligence and enormous brain power. Thus, with his big head, he teaches to keep our morale high and think big and wise. It also symbolizes Gyan Shakti, thus representing wisdom and knowledge.

The big ears

Lord Ganesha listens to all that his devotees have to say to him with his big ears. He makes it a must to listen to every small thing that we have to say to him, thus teaching us to be a good listener and listen to every small detail that we may have heard.

The long trunk

Just like the trunk of an elephant can uproot a strong tree while also pick up a fine blade of grass, Lord Ganesha’s trunk depicts that utilizing wisdom can help in differentiating good from bad. Similarly, even we need to have the capability to recognize the good from the bad in everything that we experience in our life.

The huge belly

The huge belly of Lord Ganesha teaches us to peacefully and calmly digest all the good and bad in life. Every individual has to face something good, bad, ugly and evil. Every individual’s life is full of sorrow, happiness, pain and suffering. In every situation, you must be generous and accept whatever comes your way.

The tiny eyes

With every body part so big and huge; have you wondered why his eyes are so small? This is because Lord Ganesha wants to teach us that you must concentrate on what is important and rewarding than what is not. His eyes depict focus and concentration.

The mouse

Although the mouse is not the part of Lord Ganesha’s body, it is the mode of transport that he is always seen to be driving. Therefore, it is equally important. The mouse is shown as the desires that we all have in life. Desiring for something is good but only when in limit; over desire leads to misery and sorrow. Lord Ganesha rides on the mouse teaching us that we must ride our desires, not that our desires should ride us.

The modak

Modaks are not part of Lord Ganesha’s body but, they are the most favourite sweets relished by him. It is believed that making modaks on auspicious occasions is an invitation to Lord Ganesha because it was he who insisted his mother Goddess Parvati to make modaks for him using nectar. It is also believed that placing modaks near the throne of Lord Ganesha relieves us of bad luck and welcomes wealth and prosperity into our lives. No matter what you offer to Lord Ganesha, it is incomplete without modaks.

So now, whenever you worship Lord Ganesha, make sure to keep these qualities in mind and do ask him to instill these feelings of wisdom, knowledge, listening, differentiating good from bad, generosity, acceptance, concentration and the ability of controlling your desires within you. And yes, don’t forget to have modaks in your prasad list!


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