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The marriage season has begun in full swing after Diwali. Those who have their weddings in the end of 2016 already have all their things planned – venue, decorations, caterers, bands, etc. And those who still have a few months left are busy running around to get hold of all these arrangements. If you belong to the second category, you may as well be looking for presenting your wedding in the most beautiful way so that it becomes the most talked about subject between your invites. One thing that is sure to grab the attention of your guests is the way you have your venue decorated. People are spending fortunes on having a gigantic themed wedding because every year weddings are demanding more and more innovation and freshness. However, it is important that you decide on your budget before getting into something like this. To help you arrange for a great themed wedding, here are some of the latest trends for you to choose from. Take a look and see what you can have falling within your budget.

Royal Mughals
If you belong to the family of wealth and fortunes, you definitely want to make your wedding a royal one. Choose from the innumerous forts and palaces spread across the country to fix up your venue, and ask the wedding planner to take you back to the Indian Sovereign times. Every element of your wedding will need to have a royal touch – the décor, the fabrics used, the dresses, the food – everything. One era you could choose is those of the Mughals. Use less colourful yet vibrant hues, Banarasi fabrics for all the fabrication, durbar shaped tents, and vintage palanquins. Apparently, the royalty theme is definitely going to be a grand affair that will have you shedding off a massive amount from your wallet.

Traditional Rajasthani

Want to go completely traditional? There can be nothing better than a Rajasthani theme then! Your wedding is going to be all about colours, dhols, umbrellas, pinwheels and puppets. Opt for the Rajputana era and have an exclusive Rajwada theme. Colourful rangolis, traditional bandhanis, beautifully coloured pots, huge jhulas, folk singers and ghoomar dancers is what will best describe this theme. And, don’t forget the traditional dal baati churma when it comes to deciding on the menu. Make it a completely loud, traditional and royal affair that is going to be much lighter on your pocket as compared to the royalty theme.

Go Vintage!

Want to roll back into the vintage times? This is going to include lots of pale colours, antique mirrors, pearls, laces and candles. You can go all Marie Antoinette by hanging beautiful bird cages, crystals, chandeliers, French desserts and huge florals. Have all your furniture and boxes of wood to add to the Vintage element.

Indoor Garden

Are you a Nature lover? You are in for this theme then! When you wish to have an outdoor venue, but for some reason cannot, don't get depressed. You can add some instant freshness to a venue with no natural beauty by having an indoor garden theme. Have the walls covered in green, decorate the venue with green veils, and have large green trees placed around. Add trellises and lots of colourful flowers for a complete garden look.

Colour scheme

If you aren’t from a very well-off family, you can simply choose a colour palette and have your venue decorated in the simplest yet most attractive ways instead of choosing a particular theme. This will help you have lots of variations depending on your budget. The two latest trends seen in this category are soft pastels and black-and-gold. Soft pastels are seen to be one of the favourites. May it be happy blues or baby pinks or lavenders, pastels define elegance, romance and grace. On the more regal side comes the option of black and gold that suggests glamour.

Choose the theme that touches your heart the most and get set to have one of the most beautifully themed weddings! But remember, whatever you do, you can’t have the perfect wedlock without the correct rituals. You need the right professionals in the industry to carry out every rite and ritual of your wedding with utmost care and perfection. In fact, not only for the wedding, but for every kind of Puja you perform, you need to have the correct rituals to be followed. This is where you can rely on MakeMyPuja Pandits who are experienced and professional, and never compromise on the values of the rituals no matter what.

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