The Significance Of Shani Jayanti

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Shani Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Lord Shani, one of the most feared Gods in Hinduism. He was born to Lord Surya and Goddess Chhaya; and this day is celebrated every year on the Amavasya of the Jyeshthamonth. Lord Shani is the ruler of planet Saturn and weekday Saturday.

Lord Shani is worshipped as one of the Navgrahas – the nine celestial planet bodies. This particular celestial body is believed to have a heavy influence on people. This is why Lord Shani is revered for protection against evil and removal of all kinds of ill-effects of the planet from one’s horoscope. In Vedic astrology, the placement of all the nine planets in one’s horoscope is rendered the most important to decide upon the success and failures in life. And with this study, it is believed that the miseries and suffering in life are caused by a major effect of Lord Shani’s disapproval and annoyance. One of the biggest ill-effects one can have in his life because of Lord Shani is the Saade-Saati, wherein people face hindrances in happiness, peace, and growth; and keep facing challenges and hardships in one form or the other for a continuous period of seven and a half years! Various Pujas and remedies are offered during this period to gain relief from such ill-effects.

However, Lord Shani is not only an entirely negative planet. In fact, he is also believed to gradually bring good luck if one is consistent with their hard work and discipline. Every person – no matter how rich or poor, educated or illiterate – stands at the same level in the eyes of Lord Shani. If you have committed sins, you will have to suffer and pay for them. But, the Lord also rewards and bestows his blessings on those who work hard and continue to keep trying. This is because Lord Shani is a strict disciplinarian, and is pleased by continuous efforts, regular hard work, and consistent discipline. So, even though Shani is always considered as a negative planet, he is indeed a fair judge who blesses or curses a person depending upon his deeds. Therefore, if Saturn is unfavourably positioned in one’s horoscope, the person may suffer and have to face hardships. But on the other hand, a powerfully placed Saturn makes the person composed, skillful, organized, firm, and clever.

Hindus from all communities worship and revere Lord Shani to avoid negative influences of the planet Saturn in their horoscope. Although worshippers visit Shanidev temples every Saturday and offer him oil and black sesame seeds, the day of Surya Jayanti is the most sought after by Shanidev devotees. They visit Shanidev temples and offer Puja, oil, sesame seeds, and black clothes. They pray to him for blessings, protection against evil, and removal of obstacles from their personal and professional lives. Shani Jayanti is a very appropriate day to perform a Havan, Yagya, or Homam to appease Lord Shani. Shani Shanti Puja and Shani Telabhishekam are the most important ceremonies performed during this day. One of the most visited temples on this day is the Shani Shingnapur Shaneshwara Mandir situated in Maharashtra.

With Shani Jayanti falling on 25th May this year, you can also worship the Lord to lessen the effects of Shani Dosha from your horoscope. For other dosha like Mangal dosha or Rahu-Ketu dosha in your horoscope, you can ask MakeMyPuja Pandits to help you with the most appropriate Pujas and rituals so that you can free yourself from the ill-effects of these planets too, and lead a peaceful and happy life in the future.

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