The Significance Of Krishna Janmashtami

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There are more than 900 million people around the world who worship Lord Krishna and celebrate the festival of Janmashtami with utmost joy and enthusiasm! It is believed that Lord Vishnu reincarnated as Lord Krishna on this auspicious day and took birth on this planet, which is why this fortunate day is celebrated.

This festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp and show in cities of Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul and Dwarka as these cities are the most significant cities of the era of Lord Krishna. During this festive occasion, devotees place the image or idol of baby Lord Krishna in a swing or cradle called the ‘paalna’, and swing him throughout the celebration that starts at midnight and goes up for hours together. This celebration is observed in every temple of Lord Krishna and in the homes of devotees. Homes and temples are decorated with lights and garlands to spread the illumination and fragrance of the festival all around. The celebrations involve singing devotional songs, bhajans and Krishna Aarti while dancing and enjoying. There are also many other ways of celebrating this auspicious day. People perform garba signifying ‘Raas Lila’ – the flirtatious aspects of Lord Krishna’s youthful age. Other competitions and programs are held too. Children are dressed up like Bal Gopal to be a part of costume and fancy dress competitions. ‘Jhankis’ are shown that beautifully depict the different life events of Lord Krishna.

Apart from this kind of rejoice and merriment, Lord Krishna is also worshipped with complete devotion. The ‘abhishek’ is performed with honey, curd, milk and Gangajal. Then, Bal Gopal is dressed in new clothes and decorated with precious jewels, flowers and garlands. After worshipping and performing the Aarti, prasad is distributed among the devotees. The main items of prasad include coconut barfi, peanut burfi and milk. Thousands of devotees gather at various temples to worship Lord Krishna on this day and gain the benefits of having prasad.

This year, this grand event falls on the 25th of August, which is just a few days away. So, gear up and get all ready to worship Lord Krishna and take part in the events that are coming up in the temples near you. If you are a devotee of Lord Krishna, and are willing to perform a pooja at home on this auspicious occasion, you can get in touch with MakeMyPuja Panditjis to experience spiritual divinity with complete blissfulness and devotion. So, feel connected to Lord Krishna, the absolute truth, with highly qualified, experienced and proficient experts from MakeMyPuja who will help you celebrate Krishna Janmashtami at home with the most appropriate and beneficial rituals. You will be sure to achieve eternal peace and live life with utmost peace and tranquility.


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