The Importance And Religious Beliefs Of Magha Maas

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Magha Maas is the 11th month of the Hindu calendar that begins somewhere after mid-January and goes up to a little after mid-February. This month begins on either the new moon day or full moon day of the month, and the name is given so because of the star cluster called ‘Magha’. It marks the end of the dry winter season, and brings in the most awaited spring season with fresh new leaves and flowers blooming all around. Also, this month is considered auspicious to perform ceremonies of marriage, house warming, thread ceremony, and many other important events of one’s life. The major ritual of this month is the ‘Magha Snanam’ meaning holy dips in holy rivers.

The ‘Magha Snanam’ ritual

There is special significance of taking bath in holy waters during this month; and this ritual is known as ‘Magha Snanam’. It starts from Pushya Shukla Purnima/Amavasya and ends with Magha Shukla Purnima/Amavasya. During this period, the devotees believe to take early bath in the holy rivers of Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, or any other holy river before sunrise. This is because it is believed that Lord Vishnu resides in the holy waters during this auspicious month and blesses all those who perform this ritual by having them rid of their sins.

The ‘Samudra Snanam’ ritual

Another ritual followed during this month is the ‘Samudra Snanam’ wherein the devotees take bath in sea waters. On account of the cold during winters and lack of sunshine, the human body becomes weak. During the Magha Maas, the Sun’s rays provide more heat and energize the Sea waters, destroying the bacteria. Also, common salt in the sea acts as an antibiotic and cleanses the skin. Taking all of this into consideration, the Hindu sages prescribed people to perform ‘Samudra Snanam’ and spend one Ghadiya or a period of 48 minutes in the sea during Magha Maas. This results in the energy of the Sun’s rays embedded in the water to spread within our body. Therefore, this can be an answer for those looking for scientific reasons to bathe in the waters during this month.

Worshipping Gods in this month

Many Gods and Goddesses are believed to be associated with this auspicious month. Goddess Saraswati, Surya Dev, Lord Shiva, and Lord Vishnu are mainly worshipped during this month. The major festivals seen falling in this month every year are mentioned below.

·        Vasant Panchami – The female divine energy of learning, wisdom and knowledge – Goddess Saraswati – is worshipped on this day as it is considered to be her birth day. She is worshipped to help get rid of lethargy, sluggishness and ignorance.

·        Ratha Sapthami – The Sun God, who rides in his chariot of seven horses (representing the seven colours of the rainbow and the seven days of the week), is worshipped on this day as it is believed to be his birth day. On this day, the Sun God is believed to commence his journey towards the North-East direction, bringing in the spring season.

·        Magha Purnima – Lord Vishnu in his Satyanarayana avtaar is worshipped on this day. After taking bath in a holy river, donations are made to the poor and the Brahmins, after which the Satyanarayana Katha is performed to seek the blessings of purity, peace, happiness and wealth from Lord Vishnu.

·        Maha Shivratri – Devotees observe fast and worship Lord Shiva on this day by bathing the Shivling with water, milk and honey. They offer belpatra to him as it symbolizes purification of the soul.

You can see how important and auspicious the Magha Maas is for the Hindus. If you want to benefit from this auspicious month and conduct any of these Magha Maas rituals within your home, you can get in touch with MakeMyPuja Pandits. They are highly experienced and professional, and can help you perform all the rituals in the most appropriate manner to help you gain success, peace, health and wealth in your lives.

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