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The age of greed, lust, bad karmas, hostility, discontent and intolerance is here. Everyone today has gone impatient and is fighting with their loved ones and family for wealth and prosperity. People are also facing problems in every relationship – couples are getting divorced, brothers are fighting for property issues, there are unnecessary fights and arguments in families due to selfishness. Soon, there will be seen no peace in the world. In all this age of frustration and stress, everyone is looking for peace within themselves. This is where the services of MakeMyPuja come in to solve all these issues with their various pujas performed for different obstacles and difficulties.

Moreover, people who believe and understand ‘kundlis’ are also familiar with ‘kundli dosh’ like Mangal, Rahu and Ketu. Mangal is the grah that brings in discomfort and tension in relationships leading to severe disharmony among spouses – delay in getting married, problems in married life, inability to understand one’s partner, and the chances of becoming a widow. Rahu is the grah that controls the mind and drives it onto an inauspicious track, thus destructing the power of the mind to think in the right way. Ketu controls the body and affects it in the negative way, thus having the person influenced by it falling ill or having some or the other sort of bad health almost all the year round.

If you are affected by any of the above mentioned problems, you may be looking for a way to gain positivity, happiness, peace of mind and harmony in relationships. MakeMyPuja offers special problem solving pujas to help you attain all of this. It specializes in five basic problem solving pujas including –

·        Chandi Path that helps to protect one from all kinds of evil forces and black magic; along with bestowing happiness, peace and success.

·        Gauri Shankar Puja that helps to gain back positivity and also helps to maintain your relationships.

·        Gayatri Hawan that helps to gain enlightenment and greater wisdom by reducing the effect of bad karma.

·        Mangal Dosh Nivaran that helps to reduce the negative effect of Mangal grah, which in turn helps to maintain a happy and successful married life.

·        Rahu Ketu Shanti Puja that helps to ward off all the dangers and evils from one’s life by getting rid of all the inauspicious effects of the Rahu-Ketu grahs.

Now is the time to ward off all the negativity within you and come out as bright, happy and positive as you have always wished to be. Speak to our Panditjis and learn about the problem-solving puja that will bring you great benefits. You can rest assured that you will have the most appropriate services done by our experienced and professional pujaris.


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