Significance And Rituals Of Vijaya Ekadashi

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Vijaya Ekadashi occurs during the waning phase of the moon in Krishna Paksha of the Hindu calendar; and this year it is to fall on 22ndFebruary. The significance and prominence of this Ekadashi is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. King Yudhishtira was seen to ask Lord Krishna about the significance of this remarkable Ekadashi, and also Lord Brahma was seen to give the same understanding to Narada. They both taught the same thing that Vijaya Ekadashi is the greatest of all the Ekadashis observed throughout the year, and observing fast on this day and worshipping Lord Vishnu brings great benefits.

Legend of Vijaya Ekadashi

The legend of Vijaya Ekadashi is related to Lord Rama. As per the legend, when Lord Rama was heading towards Lanka to free Sita from the abduction of Ravana, he confronted a huge sea and didn’t know how he would cross the water. It was Lakshmana who then took him to Sage Bakadalabhya, who advised Lord Rama to observe a fast, and told him that observing this fast will help him to be victorious over the evil powers of Ravana. Thus, Lord Rama observed the fast and successfully rescued his wife Sita. Ever since, the Vijaya Ekadashi fast is observed by devotees of Lord Rama and Lord Vishnu with tremendous zeal, faith and enthusiasm. It is believed that this fast helps to remove all guilt associated with sins committed in the past and also helps in attaining victory by removing all obstacles.

How to observe Vijaya Ekadashi?

The Vijaya Ekadashi fast is observed just like any other Ekadashi fast by following the same rules, customs and rituals. Devotees are required to fast for 24 hours, wherein they are allowed to eat only one meal in the entire day. They are refrained from consuming grains, rice and honey. Fruits, vegetable, nuts and milk products can be consumed. The fast begins from the night before Ekadashi and is broken on the morning after Ekadashi, after praying to Lord Vishnu and lighting a lamp.

Why should you observe Vijaya Ekadashi?

There are many incidents and qualities of Lord Rama’s life that inspire devotees to learn how to lead a life. And, this should be just one of them. Lord Rama had observed this fast to defeat the demon Ravana. Similarly, we must observe this fast to defeat the demons sitting within our mind, which are lust, greed, anger, ego, attachment and fear of death. We need to overcome these demons to attain peace and joy in our life, and salvation after death. Observing Vijaya Ekadashi and performing all the rituals in the right way is one step in helping  you achieve all of this and success in every phase of life. There are many other rituals, customs and Pujas that Hindus can perform to get rid of worldly problems and attain peace and success in life. For any kind of Puja or assistance regarding what kind of Puja you must perform for your individual benefit, you can get in touch with MakeMyPuja Pandits to help you.

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