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Satyanarayan combines two words ‘Satya’ and ‘Narayan’ meaning Truth and Lord Vishnu respectively. This is why the name for the Puja that worships Lord Vishnu to appease him and gain his blessings is Satyanarayan Katha. Lord Vishnu is the caretaker of the Universe and all its elements, and Satyanarayan is his calm and generous avatar; thus this Puja is done to appease him so that he helps overcome all sorts of unfavourable situations. This Puja is done with lots of faith, joy and merriment.

When is Satyanarayan Katha performed?

For every successful phase in life like buying a home, buying a vehicle, successfully completing a phase of education, starting a new business, getting a new job, or anything else, the Satyanarayan Katha is performed to offer gratitude to the Lord and because it is believed to bring in good luck and fortune. Other than these special occasions, one can also perform this Puja to maintain peace, harmony, joy and prosperity in one’s life. So, whether you have a particular goal in life or not, you can have this Puja done for general well-being and prosperity, and to ward off any sort of evil or ill-effects of bad karma. And, what’s more? This also becomes a reason for gathering of friends and family, who together sing the praises of the Lord.

Which is the best ‘muhurat’ for performing Satyanarayan Katha?

As mentioned above, there is no specific day or date assigned for the Satyanarayan Katha; it can be performed whenever a happy phase comes into your life. However, it is better to get in touch with a Pandit and ask him for an auspicious date that falls in the near future. According to the Hindu calendar, there are many auspicious days that are considered as good muhurats by default. These include the full moon day of every month, Ekadashi of every month, Sankranti, and days of solar eclipse. The most auspicious months are Kartik and Vaishakha. So, if your goal is achieved near any of these good days, make sure you utilize their benefits and hire MakeMyPuja Panditjis to help you perform the Satyanarayan Katha in the most appropriate and constructive way.

What is the story behind Satyanarayan Katha?

We know when a Satyanarayan Katha can be performed and the good muhurats for the most positive effects. But, what we don’t know yet is why this Katha is believed to be so fruitful. The story of Narad Muni and Lord Vishnu, as per the Hindu mythology, depicts the fact that offering prayers to Lord Satyanarayan can end all kinds of sufferings. It was once when Narad Muni visited the Earth and saw people suffering from various problems that were brought upon them by their own bad karmas. When he shares this with Lord Vishnu, the Lord tells him that anyone who performs Satyanarayan Katha will be able to fulfill his desires and attain salvation after death. Ever since, this Puja has been performed with faith and devotion.

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