Rituals And Places Of Interest For Janmashtami

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Lord Krishna as we all know is one of the most worshipped Gods in Hinduism. He was born at midnight on Ashtami Tithi during Krishna Paksha in Hindu calendar. This day is celebrated every year as Janmashtami as the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, which falls on 25th August this year. That the festival is just two days away, let us identify with the importance of this festival and the places of significance around India for the celebration.


Born in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, on the western bank of River Yamuna, to Devaki and Vasudev, Lord Krishna was their eighth child, who was believed to take birth to defeat the evil King Kansa, Devaki’s brother. This is the reason the city of Mathura is sacred to the heart of millions of Hindus, where the celebration of Janmashtami is one to be seen at least once in a lifetime! You must visit the Keshav Dev Temple, Dwarkadesh Temple, Vishram Ghat, Radha Kund, Gita Mandir and the Mathura Museum while you are here.


However, even though he was born in Mathura, Lord Krishna spent his childhood in Gokul, under the care of Yashoda. This was to protect him from King Kansa who killed all of Devaki’s children after he learnt that it would be Devaki’s child who would kill him one day. This makes Gokul another pilgrim place that devotees of Lord Krishna visit during Janmashtami.


Vrindavan is another town in Mathura, which is also a place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. This is where he spent his days of youth with Radha and other gopis playing Raas Lila. Places to visit in Vrindavan include Banke Bihari temple, Radha Ramana, Prem Mandir and Radha Damodar temple.


After Lord Krishna grew up, he went back to Mathura and defeated King Kansa, after which he settled in the city of Dwarka. A friendly population of Ahirs prompted Lord Krishna to settle in the city. Here, Krishna established the Ahir/Yadav empire, and flourished and extended his domain. Here, he resided with his family in Bet Dwarka.

Apart from the above cities, devotees all around the country celebrate Janmashtami with great pomp and show in their homes and Krishna temples. The celebrations start at midnight with Aarti, bhajans, devotional dances and Raas Lila. Bal Gopal is dressed up in new clothes and put in a paalna, and craded throughout the celebration by his devotees.

Following the day of Janmashtami, another ritual of Dahi Handi is performed, where people form human pyramids to reach curd/butter pots hung at a height of 20-30 feet! This celebration is not only an activity of entertainment, but also holds religious importance. It borrows inspiration from the experiences of young Lord Krishna, who was known for notoriously stealing butter from earthen pots hung in the houses of Vrindavan with the help of his friends by forming human pyramids.

Other than these celebrations, many people also perform pujas within their homes on this holy day. We, at MakeMyPuja are here to serve you throughout the year and on this auspicious day too by helping you perform the right rituals in the most accurate manner by offering you the services of our experienced and proficient Pujaris and Panditjis. So, get in touch if you are looking for Janmashtami puja to be held anywhere in Bangalore on this fortunate day and impress Lord Krishna in the best way possible!


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