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Starting up a business is one of the most important achievements in an individual’s life. The perfect way to begin a new venture is by seeking the blessings of your elderly and the Almighty. Our elders require nothing from us; they selflessly keep blessing us at every point in life. Similarly, even the Almighty needs nothing from us. But, ancient Vedic scriptures have always shown the importance of performing Pujas or Yagnas before any kind of auspicious beginning. This goes for starting a new business too. If you have a perfect puja done before commencing your new venture, you will be attracting good fortune by removing all sorts of obstacles and warding off negative energies.

MakeMyPuja makes it easier for you to get the puja done by bringing to you the most proficient and experienced Pujaris to do the job for you. With just a few clicks, you will have the most auspicious puja done at your place in the right muhurat. All the puja samagri will be arranged and taken care of by the MakeMyPuja Pujaris. You can relax and stay assured that you are going to be getting rid of all the negativities around you that may stop you from succeeding in your work. And, you have to pay only after the puja is over and you are satisfied!

Bhoomi Puja

Bhoomi or the land is the mother of everything that exists on the Earth. Thus, it is very important to seek permission and get blessings from the land before settling or starting a construction there so that you are successful in what you are going to do. Bhoomi Puja when done in the right manner can bring good luck and fortune, and ensures protection and well-being of the people occupying the space by removing all kinds of Vaastu doshas.

New Business Puja

For any kind of new opening, it is important that you worship Lord Ganesha as he is the one who removes all kinds of obstacles. Thus, this puja is done to remove the ‘Dhristi-dosham’ and collecting positive energy around. Other than Lord Ganesha, even Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber are worshipped to bestow good fortune in the business.

Opt for the puja that you want to perform at your workplace, or speak to our professional Pujaris at MakeMyPuja who will guide you perfectly. Book our Pujaris right away and rest assured to have everything done as per the laws of the rituals with no compromise.

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