Importance and Benefits of Havan

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In Hinduism, it is believed that the Universe is made of five elements – Earth, Water, Sky, Fire and Air. Since fire is considered as an element for purification, majority of Hindu rituals are considered incomplete without fire. The grandest form of fire used in rituals is the Havan (or Homa in Sanskrit), which is part of practically all Hindu sanskaars.

Havan is the ritual wherein Fire plays the primary role and is placed at the centre in a Havan Kund, which is generally made of bricks and sand. All the devotees sit around the kundand make offerings to the fire. The offering ingredients, known as Havan samagri, are made of a combination of 36 herbs. Other ingredients include ghee, insence sticks, camphor, and wood. The wood is either mango wood or sandalwood as these wood types burn easily, without any kind of disturbing smoke.

The most common types of Havan include Mrityunjay Havan, Navgraha Havan, Vaastu Havan, Ganesh Havan and Dhanwantri Havan. Hindus have a Havan performed on various occasions like Namkaran, wedding, shifting home/office, or to get rid of ill-health or negative effects of horoscope. A Havan has both spiritual and scientific benefits. While there are advantages like gaining peace of mind, ensuring good health, and converting negative energy into positive through Havan, there are scientific benefits too like purifying the atmosphere and preventing infectious diseases.

The ritual of Havan dates back to thousands of years. It has been read about in mythological stories where a Havan was conducted to shoo off the evil and bring in the good. At that time, Havans were a large occasion that age old rishis conducted, which were long and difficult to complete. Successfully completing a Havan without being disrupted by any obstacle was a courageous task. However, today’s Havans are only a miniature version of what was back then.

The energy of every space is unique. The health, working, productivity and prosperity are greatly influenced by the energy of the place where one resides. If you reside in a place that possesses a positive energy field, you are likely to experience happiness and peace of mind. Many people have a Havan conducted in their home for this purpose. People also approach MakeMyPuja to have a variety of Pujas and Havans done at their home or office. Whether it is a new home, new office, negative effects of the planetary stars in your horoscope, your child’s namkaran or mundan, you can get in touch with MakeMyPuja Pandits to have the perfect Havan done in the most appropriate way to please the deities so that they bless you.

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