How Will Rahu and Ketu Affect Moon Signs in 2017?

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Rahu and Ketu are two of the nine planets in Vedic astrology that have great impact on every individual’s life. Both these grahas are considered rogue as Rahu mostly negatively affects the mind of a human, and Ketu mostly negatively affects the body. They both do bring up positive effects on human lives too, but they are mostly kown for their tremendous negative effects. Rahu is generally related to faulty logic, harsh speech, and falsehood, while Ketu is related to instability of mind, body pains, stomach diseases, and eye ailments. This is why it is suggested that one must have their Kundli examined by a Pandit to see what ill-effects do Rahu and Ketu have on his life. According to the analysis, a particular kind of Rahu-Ketu Shanti Puja must be performed to ward off all dangers and evils from his life. You can get in touch with MakeMyPuja Pujaris to help you perform your Rahu-Ketu Shanti Puja in the most appropriate manner to help you benefit.

Let us take a look at how both these planets are going to affect every individual Moon Sign in the year 2017, especially from the months of January to September, after which they will be changing their positions. Note that these are just general effects for these Moon Signs, and cases may differ based on your individual birth chart. So, it is better to have your birth chart examined by a professional for detailed analysis.


Rahu will cause a state of confusion and mental stress, which will have you facing perplexity in your relationships. Ketu on the other hand will keep your income fluctuating. However, you will be able to win over your competitors. The good news is that Rahu and Ketu will not affect your health much and will bless you with an improved health this year.


Rahu will have your year beginning with issues and disputes in domestic matters. You must curb your aggression and keep yourself free from ego. However, Ketu will help you with all the positives like a smooth marital life and a beneficial business.


Rahu will try to bring in problems in marital life, which is why you must control your temper and refrain from using harsh language. Ketu will bring hurdles on the health and workplace front. But, if you put in great efforts, you will be able to attain a good job position. Rahu will help you in a positive chance to get a promotion.


Rahu will bring in health issues. You must avoid making difficult commitments or you may lose trust. Also, avoid aggression with loved ones. You will also find difficulty in taking strong decisions. Though, Ketu will help with gaining an unexpected inheritance, a new business startup, a big investment, or good returns from previous investments.


You will encounter heavy workload and may consider job change. Rahu will also keep you confused throughout the year. But, Ketu will bring a positive year in regards to your job and a blissful married life.


Rahu will lead you to having arguments with your family. But, money matters would be smooth, and income rise and promotions may be possible. Ketu is likely to affect those pursuing education; so students must be careful and concentrated.


Rahu and Ketu both will spike your aggression this year, and any kind of ill behaviour will highly affect your relationships. However, those concerned about their job or business can rest assured to be rewarded with success in all endeavours.


You could become a target of unreliable and mischievous friends; so it is better to keep distance from them. Rahu and Ketu both will help students do well in exams and competitions, and will help businessmen with profits and positive developments.


Make sure to secure your assets and save as much as possible. Health will also drop down to some extent. Ketu will bring up stomach-related issues, so you need to be watchful. However, this year will be about profits and positive results otherwise in terms of business, education, and marital life.


Rahu will interfere with your personal bliss and contentment as you will lack mental peace. You may also indulge in arguments with your family. Also, Ketu will negatively affect your business with losses.


Rahu will keep you lazy and dependant this year. Students, if distracted, may be led towards failure. The year will also seem slow for business and profits. Ketu will also have you wasting a lot of time wandering aimlessly. So you need to put in efforts to bring some stability and purpose to your life.


This is an year full of positives for Pisces natives from both Rahu and Ketu. You will see success in your career and profession. You will make new business associations and partnerships, and may also settle abroad. Your expenses will drop considerably. You will feel more hale and hearty, and will experience quality time with your loved ones this year.

Note – This is to remind you again that these are just general consequences a Moon Sign native can face. For perfect analysis, you need to have your birth chart examined.

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