How important is it to pray?

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Every child is taught to make it a habit of praying to God before going to school every day; and this ultimately becomes a habit and we tend to pray even when we get to college and then business/job. However, not everyone carries on this habit as they grow older because they don’t realize the power and significance of prayers. It is also true that those who pray every day may not know what the need of prayer is too; it may have just become a habit of theirs, which is why they pray to God every morning.

If you too are finding the answer to what the need of prayer is or why we should pray to God, you are just at the right place. You may wonder at times that if God knows everything and if He is the ultimate controller, why should we pray to Him? You may also wonder if prayers are only a way to bribe God for one’s own selfish motive. It may be true, because in today’s world, we hardly find people praying selflessly or without a reason. Whenever we stand in front of God, we definitely have something to ask him for – job, promotion, exams, business, family, and loved ones.

However, in previous times, it wasn’t so. Earlier, people truly believed in God and worshipped him with utmost devotion. Prayers are the pathway to connect to God. ‘Prarthana’ is the Sanskrit word for prayer, which means to look for unity with God by expressing faith, love and devotion, and expressing gratitude for the wonderful gift of life that he has given us. Thus, prayers should be a medium to look for fellowship with God and being completely dedicated and devoted to him, without asking or demanding anything from him.

There are several ways of connecting with God like meditation, mantras and jaaps. Mantras are chants with magical powers that emit positive vibrations within us, while jaaps are continuous repetition of God’s name that helps us purify and control our mind. Vedas depict that people blended different sounds in their mantras to appeal divine beings on different events. This was done to rinse one’s wrong doings and to change the course of human lives. These sounds increase the speed of the heartbeat, respiration and mind; and also affect our emotions and lead us to positive energy within ourselves. These mantras and jaaps have proven to be effective remedies to calm our mind and soul in this world full of tensions and worries. Thus, this should be a regular practice followed by everyone.

The Hindu Puranas – Ramayana and Mahabharata – emphasize that God never neglects his true followers. So, be true at heart and be a good human who follows the dharma of mankind, and your prayers will be heard. Apart from praying and meditating for self control and peace, there are certain Pujas that are important to be performed to maintain sanctity and prosperity in different fields of life. And, in every such phase of life, you can find MakeMyPuja standing beside you to guide you with every type of Puja. It may be a new beginning of your home, car and business; or festival pujas like Diwali, Navratir, Shivratri and Janmashthami; or important days like birthday, marriage anniversary, mundan and namkaran.


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