How Have Hindu Wedding Traditions Been Modified?

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When your parents and grandparents were married, the face of Hindu weddings was completely different. In those times, a wedding was a grand affair of 7 to 8 days where every member of both the families would be present to bless the couple. A variety of traditions would be seen to be followed on both the girl’s and boy’s side. A wedding was considered a joyous union of two families.

But now, times have changed. In fact, even when you got married a few years ago, traditions had been modernized. Instead of a long 8 day affair where every ritual was practiced rigidly with minute details, wedding has now been cut down to a one or two day function involving engagement, haldi ceremony and the wedding. With modernization, there are many important rituals that have been left out. Moreover, those practices that are performed today are also being cut short. For example, the sacred seven vows used to be a prolonged process, which is now completed in only a matter of few minutes! Furthermore, instead of following the customs of Samdhi Milap, Var Nikasi and Katha Vachan, people are now adopting more westernized traditions like pre-wedding cocktail parties, DJ parties and dance performances.

But, however modernized our customs become, one thing is for sure – the ‘pag phere’ or the seven vows of marriage cannot be eliminated as they stand to be an important part of a Hindu wedding. These seven vows create a deep bond between the bride and groom for life as these are the seven promises both of them make to each other to lead a happy and prosperous life together.

·        First vow – The bride and groom promise to care for and support each other throughout their lifetime.

·        Second vow – They promise to be one in mental, physical and spiritual strength, no matter what the circumstances.

·        Third vow – In case of every situation of joy and sorrow, they promise to share and be by each other’s side every time.

·        Fourth vow – They promise to attain happiness and harmony through mutual trust and love to enjoy a life of joy and togetherness.

·        Fifth vow – The bride and groom promise to be responsible parents to raise children of value.

·        Sixth vow – They promise to enjoy a balanced and harmonious life by strengthening and maintaining all family relationships.

·        Seventh vow – They pledge that they will always lead a life of complete companionship, unity, loyalty, love and understanding.

But then, why do we see so many separations – so many divorces? Why can’t we abide by all these promises we make to each other while getting married? Is this because we have eliminated all the rigid procedures and customs from our weddings? Is it because we don’t take the traditions, rites and rituals seriously, and are more concerned about getting done with the wedding functions as soon as possible? Could be possible! But don’t worry. If you have also been a victim of such an approach during your wedding, MakeMyPuja Pandits will help you with a solution. You can have an Uma Maheshwari Puja or Swayamvara Parvathi Puja done on your wedding anniversary, where you can pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to bless you such that the magic of your wedding day is recreated and you can regain peace, harmony, happiness and success in your most important relationship with your spouse. So, this wedding anniversary, don’t forget to make your bookings!

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