How Can Lord Shiva Be Pleased?

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Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva form the ‘Trimurti’ that is worshipped in Hinduism. Lord Brahma is known as the creator of the universe, Lord Vishnu is the preserver and Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer.

Lord Shiva is the most important God of the Hindu religion, who has many forms and is known by many names. Although he has 108 different names as per the Hindu mythology, here is a list of the most common names he is known by, along with their meaning.

·        Mahadev – the greatest of all Gods

·        Mahakaal – the Lord of eternity

·        Bholenath – the one who has a childlike innocence

·        Satyam – the only truth

·        Shivam – the auspicious

·        Sundaram – the beautiful and holy

·        Ashutosh – the one who is delighted with little efforts

To please this holy, auspicious, true, greatest of all and the Lord of eternity, even a simple ‘Abhishek’ is enough because as his name depicts, he is the one who is delighted by simple efforts. And, with his childlike innocence, one can easily please him by only offering him a pot of water or milk on the Shivlinga. Every Shiv temple has a copper or brass pot with a hole in it, hung over the Shivlinga so that water falls from it on the lingam throughout the day to keep Lord Shiva pleased.

It is believed that whoever worships Lord Shiva with an earnest heart can get his desires fulfilled. Worshipping Lord Shiva devotedly also helps in attaining moksha, which is the liberation from the cycle of birth and death. This is because worshipping him leads to the path of salvation from worldly desires through self-awakening. Lord Shiva is worshipped by his devotees for marital bliss, financial stability and success.

However, if you want to perform a Shiv Puja with ancient Hindu rites and rituals, you will need assistance from professional Pujaris. The Pujaris at MakeMyPuja can help you with the most professional and fruitful puja to help you achieve success and wealth. If you are facing any sort of obstacles for getting married or if you have any sort of problems in your married life, MakeMyPuja Pujaris will make sure to perform the most appropriate Shiva Puja rituals to help you get rid of all the obstacles and lead a happy married life. Rudra Abishekam is a very important form of Shiv Puja that is believed to help get rid of past sins and bring in peace, wealth and success. Other than these pujas, other horoscope hindrances like Rahu Dosh, Ketu Dosh, Naag Dosh and Vish Dosh can also be removed by seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Shiv Puja in any form is believed to bless us with a happy, peaceful and successful life by freeing our souls of past sins. While Monday is generally when Lord Shiva is worshipped, he can be offered water and milk any day. Moreover, in this holy Shravan month, you have the chance to please him the most!


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