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Namkaran Puja is one of the most important Pujas of Hinduism, which is the first Puja of a newborn child. ‘Naam’ meaning Name, and ‘Karan’ meaning To Imply, the word Namkaram means to decide the name of a newborn that has an effect on his life. This is a religious practice of naming a child and initiating him into Hinduism. This ritual is considered of prime importance to shape the character and upbringing of a child. It is an attempt to instill the child’s life with blessings so that he can live a happy and peaceful life, following the heredity of his ancestors.

The Namkaran Puja is performed on the 10th or 12thday after the baby is born as per the muhuratsuggested by a Pandit. In case the ritual cannot be performed on these days, the family has to wait for the 101st day or the baby’s first birthday to name their child. The ceremony is directed and lead by a Pandit where all the family members and relatives gather together for a joyous celebration and to welcome and bless the new member of the house. It can be carried out either at a temple or even at home, as a small private affair. The Pandit prays to Lord Ganesh to bestow upon the child both happiness and a long life. During the ceremony, he also draws out the child’s horoscope that depicts all the positive and negative aspects of the child’s life. At the end of the ceremony, the child is named with one of the initials that is favourable to his horoscope.

However, there are certain guidelines provided by the Vedas and Sutras that need to be followed while naming a child. Firstly, the name should be positive, easy to pronounce and should sound pleasant. It should indicate the sex of the child and signify the stature and social standing of the family. Another important aspect is that it should contain the specific number of vowels and letters as per the sex of the child. Moreover, the Pandit who leads the ceremony draws up a horoscope of the child and gives away the initials to be used for the child’s name that are favourable as per his/her nakshatra. It is a must that you use any of those initials to name your child if you want the name to prove successful for him/her for his entire life.

Performing a Namkaran Puja as per the rituals, and abiding by the religious rules of the Vedas, will bring lots of benefits into the child’s life. It increases the auspiciousness of the name selected for the child, and brings good luck, fortune and success into his life, by nullifying any kind of negative effects.

So, if you are expecting a baby soon, make sure to get in touch with MakeMyPuja Pandits well in advance so that you don't have to rush to find a priest at the last moment. Conduct the Namkaran Puja with 100% purity and involvement to bring good fortune to the baby and make the little one’s life blessed!

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