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Hinduism has innumerous rituals, traditions and customs that are followed, starting right from the birth of a child. It begins with the ‘Namkaran’ ceremony of the child, where the child is named as per his horoscope made by the priest. Another very important ritual performed in the initial stages of childhood is the ‘Mundan’. This is an ancient ceremony followed by the Hindus where the hair from the child’s head is shaved off for the first time after birth. This ritual is performed for both boys and girls even today very religiously.

Why should we perform the Mundan ceremony?

According to Hindu scriptures, it is believed that a soul passes through 84 lakh yonis, before it acquires the human body. Every yonihas a certain influence on the current birth of the baby. This ritual is thus performed believing that doing so will have the child get rid of all the bad qualities and sins of the past lives, and it helps the child begin his or her life afresh. By shaving off the hair, the residue of the past lives is left in the past, and does not affect the current life. Thus, Mundan is a purification act performed to ensure that the baby is cleansed of all the unwanted and undesirable elements of the past births. Another belief is that the Mundan is done to get better hair growth in the future.

When should the Mundan be performed?

It is believed that the ritual can be performed in only an odd month and odd year. The 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th years are considered perfect for the ritual. However, some people believe that it should be done either in the first year itself, and not later than that, while others wait for 5 years before having it done. It is the Pandit who decides the date on which the Puja for your child should be performed, in accordance with the position of the Nakshatras. You should consult MakeMyPuja Pandits to let you know the auspicious date and month for your child’s Mundan.

How is the Mundan ceremony performed?

This Puja can be performed either at home, or in a temple, or at the banks of a sacred river. The Pandit called for performing the ritual starts the Puja with a Havan, and then shaves off a part of the child’s hair while chanting some mantras. The rest of the hair is shaved off by the barber. The head is then shaved off with Gangajal, and the hair is offered to a deity or the River Ganga.

What are the benefits of the Mundan ceremony?

The Mundan ceremony has many religious benefits like removing unpleasant qualities that the baby might have had in his earlier births, shielding the child from negativity, and promising a good future for the child, along with improving hair growth. Some people also believe that this ceremony triggers the intellectual area of the child’s brain, which helps its better development.

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