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How happy and blessed do we all feel when we get some new appliance, gadget or an instrument into our home? And, bringing a car home seems to be a big achievement for small and middle class families. Whether it is our first car or one to be added in our already existing car series, the happiness is no lesser. Therefore, we want our new car to be blessed by the Lord and see to it that it functions well and is kept away from any kind of negative influence. This is why we perform the Car Puja.

Car Puja or Vaahan Puja is a common Hindu practice. Hindus are likely to worship any new tool or instrument before they start using it; it could be anything from vehicles, home appliances, televisions, musical instruments to even mobiles. This is because Hinduism believes that God is everywhere – even in lifeless objects! And, honouring God in a special way is an important facet of the Hindu culture. This is why God is recognized and treated in a vehicle in the same way as he would be in a temple.

Car Puja is a blessing or invocation of God into your new vehicle. After being worshipped, it is believed that the Lord will watch over it to ascertain that its functionalities are secure, and the driver and passengers are secured within. This puja is done for a variety of different purposes – to ensure that the car comes in harmony with the owners, to show gratitude to God, to prevent the vehicle from any mishaps in the future, and to safeguard the driver against accidents.

You can perform the Car Puja whenever you buy a new car. However, the best times of the year include festivals like Navratri, Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya, Gudi Padwa, Ganesh Chaturthi and Bhai-Dooj, as these occasions are considered to be auspicious to buy a car. Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesh are worshipped and prayed to during this puja. Mantras are chanted; a swastika symbol is made by the pujari with kumkum and haldi, and the car is blessed. Some people perform an aarti while other chant mantras and shlokas like the Om Vishnu and Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha mantras. 

Generally, a coconut is broken by the right front tire of the car to give it an auspicious start.

So, get an appropriate Car Puja done by MakeMyPuja Pujaris, install a small Ganesh idol on your car’s dashboard, and start away a happy journey with your automobile with the blessings of Lord Ganesha!

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