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For each one of us, especially those who belong to the middle class, buying a new home or starting off with a new office is a big achievement. Even if it is our second or third home/office, we treat the accomplishment with equal enthusiasm and joy. And, when we belong to the Hindu religion, we know how important it is to thank the Gods and seek their blessings for such great ventures in our life. So, if you have already bought or are on the verge of finalizing a home/office space for yourself, we suggest you to have an appropriate Puja done for the same before you start to utilize the space. In fact, even if you have bought a piece of land to have your customized home, office, or manufacturing unit built over it, you must pray to Mother Earth through a Bhoomi Puja to seek her blessings before starting any form of construction on the land. Whatever the case, and whatever kind of Puja you wish to perform for your possession, you can completely rely upon MakeMyPuja Pandits to have the most appropriate Puja done with the right rituals and prayers to achieve immense blessings from the deities for your new undertaking. Let us take a brief look into all the different kinds of Pujas you can perform for your new space.

Bhoomi Puja

If you possess a land on which you want a residential or commercial space built, it is advisable to perform a Bhoomi Puja first wherein Mother Earth is worshipped to seek her blessings and ensure the safety and well-being of the people who are going to reside within the structure. The Puja also helps to ask for forgiveness of Mother Earth for the brutality she will have to bear during the constructional phase; and also for disturbing the habitat of innumerable creatures living on that piece of land. The Bhoomi Puja also requests all the spirits and ghosts to leave the site to that the structure can be built, wherein people can reside in peace.

Griha Pravesam (Vastu Puja / House Warming)

This Puja must be performed before starting to reside in a new home. It is performed outside the house before the actual entry into the house, wherein Lord Ganesha is primarily worshipped to remove any kind of obstacles. The Vastu Shanti Havan is also performed to prevent harmful influences of the planets and create a peaceful environment within the home by removing all sorts of negative vibrations from within. Other Pujas like Ganpati Puja, Satyanarayan Puja, and Lakshmi Puja can also be performed along with the Vastu Puja, if the owners of the home wish to.

New Business Puja

As the name suggests, this Puja is done before starting any new business. It is done mainly to offer prayers to Lord Ganesha to remove the ‘Drishti-Dosham’ and collect the positive energy around. This Puja builds up an optimistic environment and guarantees an upliftment in the new business that is to begin there. Other than the Puja offered to Lord Ganesha, even Lakshmi Puja and Navgraha Puja can be performed to remove adverse effects that may be faced in the business.

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