Do You Know About The Incarnations And Names Of Lord Ganesha?

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Lord Ganesha as we all know is the God of wisdom and the destroyer of pain. Ganesha is known by a number of names and is known to have multiple incarnations, each one having its own significance. What we all have seen is only one image of him with the ‘mushak’ as his vehicle and modaks and ladoos as the prasad. Every Yuga – Satyuga, Tretayuga and Dwaparyuga– has seen its own different incarnation of Lord Ganesha. We as devotees of this supreme power ought to know each one of this to understand the ultimate strength of Lord Ganesha. Let us learn about every individual incarnation and vaahan, and all the names of Lord Ganesha.

Incarnations and vaahans of Lord Ganesha


In the Satyuga, Lord Ganesha was born to sage Kashyab and wife Aditi, and was known as ‘Mahotkata’ or ‘Vakartunda’, which symbolized the destroyer of jealousy by killing two demon brothers – Narantak and Devantak. In this incarnation, he drove on a lion’s back.


In Tretayuga, he was known as ‘Mayureshwara’ or ‘Vikanta’, and was born primarily to kill the demon of desire – Kamasura. In this incarnation, he is seen mounted on a peacock, which he gives away to his brother Kartik, who rides it as his vehicle thereon.


The most common incarnation that we all know about was in the Dwaparyuga, when he was known as ‘Gajanana’ or ‘Ekdanta’. Here, he is seen in his most fierce self with red complexion, born to kill the demon Sindhura. This is the incarnation where he is seen to drive the vahana of the mouse.

Names of Lord Ganesha

According to the Ganesha Purana, Lord Ganesha has been given 108 names, depending on the various characteristics he possesses. However, out of these 108 names, there are 14 popular names he is known by across the country, namely –

·        Ekdanta, the one-tusked lord.

·        Lambodara, lord with huge-belly.

·        Gajanana, the elephant faced lord.

·        Vakratundya, the lord with curved trunk.

·        Vighananasaka, the destroyer of all obstacles and evils.

·        Vighanraja, the lord king of obstacles.

·        Bhalachandra, the lord who wears crescent moon on his head.

·        Gajakarna, the elephant-eared lord.

·        Vikata, the ferocious and dreadful God.

·        Dhumraketu, the lord of smoky colour.

·        Ganadhyakshya, the minister of Gana.

·        Sumukha, the graceful lord.

·        Kapila, God with tawny colour.

·        Ganadhipa, the protector of Gana.

Now, you know a lot about Lord Ganesha that you may have not known much about other than him being the divine god of wellness, knowledge, prosperity and unity, and riding a mushak, and loving modaks. So, whatever you call him – Gajanana, Ekdanta, Lambodara or by any other name – it’s the time when we all start worshipping him. It’s Ganesh Chaturthi on the 5thof September this year. Make sure you perform the right rituals in your home while bringing in the idol of Lord Ganesha this Monday! Book the professional and experienced Pandits at MakeMyPuja so that you can have your puja done in the right manner, without compromising on the quality, while keeping it pocket-friendly.


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