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Birthdays are one of the most awaited days of the year. Although it is a reason of joy and partying for children, but even adults are all smiles when the calendar turns up to the page of their birth month.

Different people have different ways of celebrating their birthday. Some want to make it the best day for their children, for which their celebrations begin right from sunrise up till midnight. Others plan up a party for their child at home with their friends invited over for cake-cutting and snacks or dinner. When it comes to adults, some celebrate by partying hard at the night club; others go for a movie followed by a meal with friends; while there are others who only want time with family. But, how many of us celebrate our birthday with God – the Lord who gave us the opportunity to have this day in our lives? Many of you would say you start your day by going to the temple and thanking God for the wonderful day he has brought into your life. But, is that all you can do?

Well, MakeMyPuja says there is a better way to spend time with God, thank him for the wonderful life he has given you, and seek his blessings on your special day. When you are born, your horoscope is generated by a Pandit after considering your date, time and place of birth. It is the stars in your horoscope that decide the rest of your life and fate. But, not all stars in your horoscope are in your favour. While there are a number of Pujas you can perform to get rid of the negative effects of the nakshatras in your horoscope, performing a Birthday Puja will help you thank God while also praying to him to remove negative hurdles from your life.

Make your birthday sacred and special with a Birthday Puja. Thank God for giving you the life you have. Seek blessings for physical well-being, peace, contentment, success and prosperity. A Birthday Puja brings in lots of benefits like removing negative hurdles from your life, bringing prosperity, physical and mental welfare, a fresh new start to life, and blessings for a longer life. This Puja begins with the Ganpati Sthapna, followed by Navagraha Sthapna, Kalash Sthapna, Deep Prajjawalit, Shodhashopchar Puja, and Aarti. One can also perform Satyanarayan Puja to offer gratitude to the great Lord Vishnu, who is the caretaker of the Universe and all its elements.

So, this New Year 2017, take a resolution to celebrate your birthday every year by devoting some time to God and performing a Birthday Puja. You can make it a practice for the birthdays of every member in your family to bring peace, success and well-being in your home.

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