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Ram Navami is the day when Lord Rama is believed to have incarnated on Earth. This is the day that is most revered and respected by the devotees of Lord Rama. It falls on the ninth day, that is the last day, of the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar, and this year it is to fall on 5thApril 2017. Ram Navami is a celebration of the birth of the Lord himself, making it one of the most sacred, divine, and pious day of the year. Son of King Dashratha and Queen Kaushalya, and consort of Mata Sita, Lord Rama is one of the most important incarnations of Lord Vishnu. He was the 7th avatar from the ‘Dashavatar’ of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Rama is also known as ‘Maryada Purshottam’ meaning the perfect man, and has been glorified as being the ‘Lord of Virtue’ in Hinduism. He took birth to fight Adharma (immorality, evil, and vice), and replace it with Dharma (conformity to religious virtues). This is why he is always referred to when ‘victory of good over evil’ is thought or spoken about. His era of Ram Rajya witnessed the victory of morality and justice over sin and wickedness.

On this day, temples dedicated to Lord Rama are decorated beautifully with flowers and lights, and the statues of the Lord along with those of Mata Sita and Lakshman are also adorned and ornamented. Devotees observe fast on this day and sing hymns of the Lord. The story of Ramayana is also narrated on this day for the devotees to hear and connect to the Lord. Also, processions are carried out by the devotees in honour of Lord Rama in the Northern parts of India. People dressed up as Lord Rama, Mata Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman are seated on a richly decorated chariot, that is moved through the streets of various cities, depicting the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. On the other hand, devotees in the Southern parts of India perform ‘Kalyanotsavam’ – the wedding celebration of Lord Rama and Mata Sita – as part of processions on the streets. There are other devotes who celebrate the occasion as a 9 day festival by organizing an Akhand Paath of the Ramacharitamanas. This involves Havan, keertan, bhajans, Aarti, and distribution of prasad. Many devotees also observe fast for all the nine days of the Chaitra Navratri to get blessings from the Lord; while there are others who observe fast only on the first, fifth, and ninth day of the Navratri festival.

Let us all come together this year and celebrate Ram Navami to pray to the Lord for blessing us with integrity, purity, morality, truth, justice, and goodness. Because Lord Rama is ultimately a form of Lord Vishnu, you can also move towards pleasing him by praying to any of his form (avatar). One such means is by performing a Satyanarayan Puja. Satyanarayan is also an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and people perform this Puja on a full moon day or on special occasions like graduation, new job, marriage, new business, purchase of a new home, etc. You can also pray to the Almighty to seek his blessings by performing the Satyanarayan Puja in the most appropriate way by appointing proficient and expert MakeMyPuja Pandits.

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