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The New Year has begun, and it’s time to make new beginnings. This year, make it a habit to have all your personal events, office events and festivals to begin with the blessings of God. Have the most appropriate Puja done on every occasion to seek blessings of the Almighty and help you prosper. Yes, we know that this becomes a troublesome task because in spite of a large number of Pandits found in the country, it becomes difficult to find one for accomplishing your religious tasks. During the peak season, they may be booked. Or when you are able to get one, you aren’t sure if he is a reliable one.

Amidst these problems, comes a savior – MakeMyPuja – where you can easily hire Pandits online with just a few clicks and ensure that you get the most professional, genuine and reliable Pujari to have your ritual done. With an expert panel of tried and tested Pandits, we assist our clients not only to books them online, but we also take complete care of all the services related to the rituals to be performed. Up till now, looking for qualified Pandits was like standing in a long queue to buy a train ticket. But with online Pandit booking, it is like booking a ticket online!

While looking for a Pujari, people don’t know what kinds of questions need to be asked regarding his qualifications. In fact, they even hesitate to ask these questions to the Pujaris they are looking to hire. This is the reason Pandits are misusing their ignorance or regard as a means of making lots of money from them without performing proper rituals. But with MakeMyPuja, every Pandit is qualified, experienced and proficient, who knows what he is doing and will never compromise on the quality and morals of the Puja for any reason whatsoever. We also value your time and money, thus we take every care to get you the right service on time and prove to be very affordable and cost-effective.

We cover a wide range of rituals that include Bhoomi Pujan, Gayatri Puja, Griha Pravesham, Satyanarayan Katha, Car Puja, New Business Puja, Diwali Puja, Dhanteras Puja, Ganpati Puja, Durga Saptashati, Gauri Shankar Puja, Mahashivratri Puja, Janmashthami Puja, Mundan, Namkaran, Birthday, Marriage Anniversary, Mangal Dosh Nivaran, Rahu Ketu Shanti Puja, etc. Along with the Puja, we also provide all the Puja samagri that is required for every particular puja. All you have to arrange for is the prasad and fruits. So, for all your Puja and Vedic needs in 2017, experience a year full of spiritual divinity with MakeMyPuja.

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