BhaiDooj – The Brother And Sister Bond

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Diwali is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Hindus all across the globe, marking the victory of good over evil, and the return of Lord Rama along with his wife and brother after a 14 yearexile. Hindus celebrate this festival for five days at a stretch, wherein they clean their homes, wear new clothes, exchange gif5s and sweets, burst crackers, light diyas, and pray. For a perfect Diwali puja, you can get in touch wth MakeMyPujapandits who can help you carry out the puja with complete dedication and the correct rituals.

Diwali starts with Dhanteras, where Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped to seek her blessings in the form of success and wealth all the year round. The five day festivities end with Bhai Dooj, which is the day of brother-sister bonding. This day is also known as BhauBeej, BhaiTika and BhaiPhota. This is the day when sisters fast for their beloved brothers and pray for their success. Brothers are invited for lunch, where all their favourite delicacies are prepared. When the brother arrives, he is welcomed by applying a vermillion mark on his forehead, followed by an aarti. This day is celebrated ust ike Rakshabandhan, where the sisters pray ad give blessings to their brothers for a longand successful life, and the brotherspromise their sisters to protect them in all situations for the entire life. However, unlike Rakshabandhan, the sisters on Bhai Dooj present gifts to their brothers, rather than receiving gifts from them.

There are many stories related to the importance and celebration of Bhai Dooj.

·        One story is about a family living in a village comprising of parents, a younger brother and an elder sister. After tye sister gets married, she is unable to visit her family due to tye dense forest that separated both the villages. One day, the brother decides t walk through the dense forest, fighting all the dangers that came his way, only to meet his sister. He faced poisonous snakes, tigers and dangerous mountains on his way, and somehow reached his sister's home, where he was warmly welcomed and taken care of.

·        Another story is of Lord Krishna who visited his sister Subhadra after killing the demon Narakasur. He was welcomed with lots of affectionwith lamps, flowers, sweets, and by applying a tika on his forehead.

·        The third legend is about the bonding between the twins - Yama and Yamuna. After years of staying away from each other, Yama decided to meet Yamuna, who was delighted to hear about this news. She prepared a grand feast for her brother to honour him. She applied tilak on his forehead, garlanded him and prayed for him.

Whatever the story may be, one thing is for sure that Bhai Dooj is celebrated as the bond between brothers and sisters. This Bhai Dooj, make sure to share your love with your brother/sister, no matter where you may be, and strengthen the bond even more.

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