Begin Your New Year With A Satyanarayan Katha

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2016 is coming to an end, and 2017 is nearing. With the coming of a New Year, we always wish that it brings lots of joy, happiness and success for us that we haven’t seen in the past year. We also seek to have new joyous beginnings in the New Year. When the year’s end is nearing and we plan to start a business, buy a car, enter a new home, or anything that brings a new light into our lives, we attempt to begin it in the New Year. And, when we wish to begin new ventures, a majority of people believe in starting it with a Satyanarayan Katha.

This Katha is believed to be one of the most auspicious events of the Hindu calendar, and is performed before beginning any new task. It may be house warming, ring ceremony, marriage, new job, new business, or anything else – it all begins with a Satyanarayan Katha. This Puja has the boon to fulfill any wish made by the devotees who truly and wholeheartedly worships Lord Satyanarayan – the calmer avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Devotees perform this Puja to thank and pay gratitude to Lord Vishnu to light their lives with a new happiness. It can be conducted on any day before commencing a new beginning. However, the Satyanarayan Katha is generally performed on full moon days or Purnima (as called in the Hindu lunar calendar). The best months for this Puja to be conducted are Baisakha, Karthika, Shravana and Chaitra.

It is believed that when Narad Muni, the holy messenger of Heaven, visited the Earth, he found immense misery, epidemics, poverty and lust. He immediately reported all these incidents to Lord Vishnu, his Master. The Lord commanded Narad Muni to descend to Earth and teach humans to follow Satyanarayan Katha. He mentioned that whoever performed this Puja wholeheartedly with the right rituals will be honoured with eternal prosperity and happiness. This belief has led to Hindus performing this Puja on every new venture of theirs.

Whether you are going to have a new beginning soon or not, you can always have this Puja done. So, with the current year coming to an end and the New Year approaching soon, thank God for all that he has given you in the past and pray to him for more success, prosperity and happiness in the New Year by performing a Satyanarayan Katha. Get in touch with MakeMyPuja Pujaris and get your bookings done for 12th January 2017, which is the first Purnima of the New Year. Start your New Year with positivity and have a promising year ahead.

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