All You Would Want To Know About Griha Pravesh Puja

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Since there are lots of auspicious dates this year in the months of February and March for Griha Pravesh (the day when people can move into their new house), and many people believe in such auspicious dates, there would be many of you who may be planning to shift to your new home soon. This blog is to help you learn all about this Griha Pravesh Puja, how important it is, what traditions are followed, and what all you must consider.

Religion has always played a considerable role in the life of Hindus. Whatever religion they may follow, they believe in the associated rites and rituals. In every important phase of life, Hindus are seen to be worshipping or praying to God to shower upon them divine blessings. Same is the case when shifting to a new home. Buying a new house is considered a huge milestone in a person’s life. If you have been lucky enough to achieve this milestone, and you wish to convert your house into a home, you need to fill the house with peace, happiness and fortune. And for this, it is the Griha Pravesh Puja that can help.

Griha Pravesh Puja or the House Warming Ceremony is usually undertaken to ensure that the house remains free from all kinds of negativity. The blessings of Lord Ganesha are seeked by worshipping him, praying that he blesses the home with good fortune and protects it from evil energies. The main aim of this Puja is to purify the home and its surroundings from the evil effects of spirits and all forms of negativity. The Griha Pravesh Puja involves rituals like coconut breaking, sprinkling holy water with mango leaves in the entire house, and boiling milk on the gas stove. Conch shells are blown, camphors lamps are lit, and a yagnais performed so that the air, water and entire environment is purified.

However, it is very important that this Puja is done on an auspicious date and time. As per the Lunar calendar, dates like 4, 9 and 14, and Amavasya are considered inauspicious. Also, the purity of Panchang should be considered. Generally, one must move into the house only in Shubh, Laabh or Amrut chaugadiya. You can get in touch with MakeMyPuja Pandits who will help you learn about the most auspicious date for your housewarming ceremony and will also carry out the entire Puja promisingly and in the most appropriate manner.

There are many other things that you need to consider while performing a Griha Pravesh Puja. First of all, your doors and window spaces should be fitted with shutters, and the roof must be covered. Only after completing all the procedures should one shift into the new house. Moreover, the house should not be left empty for at least three days after the Puja is done. However, if not three days, then the owners must at least sleep in the house on the day when the Puja is performed. Also remember that if the lady of the house is pregnant, or a death has taken place in the family recently, you must not hold this Puja.

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